Because you want them to cuddle, not cower.

What is Hemp?

The hemp plant contains hundreds of compounds called cannabinoids. Hemp (or cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid without any mind-altering effects. Hemp can be just as beneficial for pets as it is for humans.

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How does it work?

Hemp works with your pet’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors that helps regulate basic functions like appetite, mood and pain responses. When your pet’s system is out of balance, hemp can help even things out.

Why tinctures?

These tiny-but-powerful drops are easily and quickly absorbed into your pet’s system, allowing them to feel the maximum benefits as soon as possible.

Why chews?

Chews are a simple way to introduce hemp to your pet’s routine. Our chews are made with natural ingredients and flavors that are loved by dogs and cats alike.

How do I use Heelr?
Start small

Begin with the smallest recommended amount and gradually increase as your pet adjusts.

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Keep an eye out

After each use, monitor your pet to see how they are affected. Check every 30 minutes and make note of any changes in their behavior.

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Stay on schedule

Hemp can be more beneficial when used regularly. Give your pet Heelr at the same time every day so it’s easier to track their reactions.

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